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Five metalworking provide the market and development analysis
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Tell from industry character, hardware tool industry is nonexistent the saying of the rising sun or the setting sun, no matter be in,international still is in home, it is the industry with a traditional more apparent feature.


Does is its competition spent and market space have after all how old? Distributinging situation of market of domestic hardware tool is, the hardware tool market of our country basically distributings to wait for a place in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong and Shandong, among them Zhejiang and Guangdong are most outstanding.


Of Zhejiang always health all along is called the countryside " of " hardware, and the market operation consciousness of Zhejiang person is quite strong, from at the outset vacuum cup of chaffy dish product, stainless steel arrives last year the slide car of be the rage, brought billow source of revenue to them.

Guangdong: The pattern that is about to make the world produces a center. Current, company of many 6000 pattern gathered in Shenzhen periphery and area of Pearl River triangle, exceed 100 thousand person from personnel of course of study. Already held 5 in Shenzhen continuously China austral border mould is exhibited, many 1000 business that attracted 25 countries and area attends, it is current China is provided most specialization, the mould industry of internationalization level is exhibited meeting.


Market of international hardware tool is dynamic


1. The developed country will be medium cheap product is transferred to the third world, because produce the effect with flying development of the technology and labour force high price, the developed country already transferred medium, cheap product to the third world quickly, oneself produce the product of a few high additional costs only.

2. DIY product becomes metals market to be bestowed favor on newly. In recent years, in Euramerican as the developed country build kind of hardware products plan to reach maintenance to give priority to with easy installation, can assemble by oneself (Doityourself) product and tool suffer the market to welcome greatly. My wife according to course of study earth is analysed, henceforth two years, of home build kind of hardware product to also will move toward intelligence to change, the development way that human nature changes.
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