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October cement price goes situation situation analysis
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Had entered in October the middle ten days of a month, although people expects demand of “ sale busy season soars ” was not shown, but those who deserve attention is the whole nation price of major city cement maintains stability, show cement company to go to price of market later period situation or expect quite.

Material price is lighted to cause cement plant cost to upsurge formerly since this year, be regarded to be the main factor that cement of the home that prop up rises in price, its price rises fall become price of influence home cement to take one of accounts of situation. Enter September, below the influence of global economic depression, coal industry also does not have escape by sheer luck, coal stocks adds continuously, the price begins fall after a rise, coal industry abruptly “ drops in temperature ” .

Below the circumstance that glides in coal price, dog according to market price case data shows, end price of cement of main city of the whole nation end September drops somewhat except price of Hubei, Xinjiang, Zhejiang outside, other province city all keeps smooth move. Coal rises in price can drive cement price rise, but contrary price drops to won't bring about cement price to follow however drop, does the city after coal price go situation whether can you affect cement price?

In light of the current situation that no matter be the harbor that offer money or expensive stock of the harbor that receive money,coal expert Huang Teng points out “ , coal has appeared to try a case for be more than, think winter of a few months after 2008 store litres coal value won't be great, carry present price however or reduce somewhat. ” if hind if situation coal price keeps stable or be being reduced somewhat, so prices of raw material coal goes what cannot control cement price situation.

Market demand will be to affect October and price of four quarters cement to take the main factor of situation, enter after October, feedback from market condition, demand of countrywide various places does not have what like a lot of course of study wife person forecasts in that way, appear to grow substantially, suffer the effect that demand drops instead, price of partial area cement goes the trend that now drops and is about to drop.

Beijing field returned to normal by the price of random newspaper on October 6 quote, regular quoted price relatively early days photograph is compared reduce 100 yuan / ton, each manufacturer doorway also did not greet the car that queues up to pull cement, your company of a few cement to one's great diappointment;
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