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Financial crisis is analysed to the influence of the steely industry of our coun
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Instantly, the financial crisis that the United States grows in intensity became the center that all trades and professions talks about, he is cogent the money bag of the trend that matters to Chinese economy progress and common people. To rolled steel industry, its development depends on at all demand, if American banking crisis arose bigger inhibition to Chinese economy, the downstream demand of market of steel products of that pair of home, will produce huge negative effect.

This financial storm is opposite after all the hypostatic economy with those rolled steel older demand caused China what influence:

One, real-estate industry. Well-known, chinese estate value slips, at present honest happening. Though its price glides advocate because of, it is bubble of domestic price of real estate too big the double pressure with policy of domestic macroscopical adjusting control, but occurrent American finance storm, also make Chinese building market faces a greater pressure that glides with demand now. From this, be sure to produce quite big effect to estate investment, affect the growth that invests to fixed assets then.

To rolled steel industry, 25% of real-estate industry, if decorate the rolled steel demand that purchases with household to bridal chamber plus common people, its can amount to 1/3 with steel capacity. So of real-estate industry glide, tremendous to the influence of rolled steel demand.

Of market of “ rolled steel low fan, it is real estate demand drops considerably greatly bring about. Factory director of company of iron and steel of one civilian battalion discloses ” , since this year, market of estate of large family of demand of traditional steel products is immersed in low fan, project of new go into operation drops considerably compared to the same period, bring about rolled steel demand to decrease greatly directly, a lot of in small look forward to of civilian battalion steel is current difficult and heavy.

On September 18, steel of treasure of our country steely big boss announces, steely product value is in reduced on value basis October. Meanwhile, greatly small steely company joins home to depreciate in succession cavalcade. Concerned statistic shows, current, the price of countrywide steely product drops on average to already was amounted to 20% .

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