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Main factor analyses market of PVC of home of near future influence
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Your compatriots passion 4 ejaculation Olympic Games had fallen heavy curtain, industry is looking forward to domestic PVC market can requicken, however things go contrary to one's wishes, PVC market is like the suffer a disastrous decline like diving however. Once was full of expectant market to trade there is PVC market in the Qiu Yu that the personage receives in blast a chill. The personage inside course of study is analysed, be like below a few respects to affect domestic PVC market at present.

Entrance raw material is gigantic a wave motion

International crude oil is as high as 146 dollars when this year July / bucket, and already dropped at present split 80 dollars / bucket, wave motion of type of crude oil elevator makes PVC of law of our country ethylene imports raw material price also linkage produced great change. It is in order to import raw material ethylene only exemple: Ethylene of the Asia at the beginning of this year July ever with 1650 ~ 1660 dollars (ton valence, similarly hereinafter) historical perch closing quotation, and the last Zhou Que closing quotation September at 1050 ~ 1060 dollars, achieve the historical lowest price that 14 months come to recently. Of PVC producer goods gigantic a wave motion, make enterprise of PVC of domestic ethylene law ignore Bei is fond of suddenly, the market holds hard.

Price of PVC of area of near future Asia glides continuously, the price at the beginning of October has fallen to 935 ~ 945 dollars (CFR China and southeast Asia) , and 1320 dollars are as high as however by July (CFR China) . Come at the beginning of August oneself at present, asian PVC price has glided 380 dollars, drop panel height is amounted to 29% . Gigantic wave motion makes low imports PVC to pound home market secondhand, drive market of PVC of near future home to continue sound foundation.

Building materials market affects peep

Although industry of our country real-estate is opposite,waiting for an industry at car, oil, iron and steel is a burgeoning industry, but the contribution of macroscopical to China however economy is larger and larger, only bldg. already exceeded 10% to the contribution of national economy. The fundamental key since our country macroscopical adjusting control is adjusted protect for “ after accusing ” , each district bldg. all is differred the influence of degree. Face the grim situation of current real estate, the personage inside partial PVC course of study put forward the “ Pan Xueshan, catchword that crosses meadow ” .
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