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Deepness analyses development of special machine tool
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Special machine tool is a kind of machine tool that applies to specific spare parts and treatment of specific working procedure technically, and often be to form automatic product line in type production production system, the machine tool variety that cannot lack. Modular machine tool is a kind of special machine tool, it is a foundation with standardizing a component, match with a few special component composition. And if the general purpose machine tool that at present factory of a few machine tools manufactures to its is made when altering, also review idiomatic and special machine tool will replace. As a result of,accuse lathe than exactly the amount dish instead is special of the design, lathe of this numerical control criterion need not model of primary machine tool, and adopt the measure that books order of special machine tool. Because special machine tool is a kind " act according to actual circumstances " product, have the advantage of efficient automation, the ideal that is company of big batch production equips. As the progress of production technology, of numerical control technology gain ground, the numerical control of special machine tool changes development very fast also, special machine tool has certain proportion in producing practice. According to concerning data introduction, production value of special 2001 machine tool occupies Japan of machine tool production value than achieving 8.8% ; Our country Taiwan saves this one word achieves 6.9%; and our country is only 0.67% . So, in current product structural adjustment, developing special machine tool is industry developing a notable problem.

Special machine tool reachs the production of its automation product line, as different as the property such as mass-produced car, also the production property with general accuracy machine tool is different, it has two extremely bright features: It is compositive sex. The user orders special machine tool is to ask to join key project, its collect machines craft (contain technique and craft parameter) , machine tool, clamping apparatus, tool (include auxiliary) development design and choice, examine measure (the semifinished product before including to enter a machine tool examines, finished product reachs in treatment examine measure) the transportation that content sheds, cut bits and cooling fluid defend be equal to an organic whole with processing. It solves among them some problem not just, want to had solved each problem that involves wider technical field to may be encountered however. 2 it is oneness. Special machine tool is production of only station sex almost, want the requirement that raises according to the user, have one-time development, one-time make, and assure one-time success even.

According to be engaged in special machine tool for a long time reaching its automatic product line develops production experience, my working reduce manufacturing industry of special machine tool is the following 8 characteristics:
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