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Current situation of trade of lumber of our country stone and development trend
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Since this year, the inaccuracy of international economy environment decides factor increase, home also encountered a few paroxysmal difficulty such as calamity of especially big earthquake, country the government is ad cool-headed answer complex phase, seasonable and orderly macroscopical adjusting control obtained favorable result, maintained the momentum that national economy grows more quickly smoothly. According to number of statistic of customs total office, favorable balance of trade of our country accumulative total is 99.03 billion dollar first half of the year, than last year the corresponding period drops 11.8% , reduce 13.21 billion dollar completely. Realized favorable balance of trade that month in June 21.35 billion dollar, than last year the corresponding period drops 20.6% , reduce 5.54 billion dollar completely. First half of the year total value of our country imports and exports one thousand two hundred and thirty-four billion one hundred and seventy million dollar, grow 25.7% compared to the same period. Its, export 666.6 billion dollar, grow 21.9% . But economy moved to also appear a few new cases and new issue, basically be prices rises range is too big, transport of coal, report, oily, air once more nervous, the consumptive heat such as estate, car drops in temperature apparently, partial enterprise manages the difficulty that face to highlight, capital crossed condition flow to raise financial venture hidden danger.

Current, the adverse element that industry of shadow phonolite lumber grows is very much, come 10 years the country is carried out first from tight monetary policy, the bldg. that rely on fixed assets to invest and affects stone material consumption directly and real estate become adjusting control target; Especially the country will leave impose tax of mineral products resource, will raise exploitation cost greatly; At the same time the country cancels resource possibly still completely kind the product exports drawback, appreciate considerably plus the RMB, this can increase the production of stone lumber company to run cost greatly undoubtedly, special go against stone material exit, the stone lumber industry that gives small gain brings enormous pressure, make stern test to the industry. The situation that faces currently, can use value for a long time, short-term and austere will generalize.

One, production of company of lumber of dimensions above stone manages a case

1.1-6 month, stone lumber raw material and industry of products company implementation increase value 2ll 100 million yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 29.1% ;
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