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See domestic stainless steel go through international economic situation situati
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Bank of close recently United States and investment firm appear again and again close down incident gives the United States economy is global economy carried crisis signal even, in American government contributive after the equity that buys AIG80% , the banking that American government referred an amount 20 days to amount to 700 billion dollar to congress comes to help plan, deepen in order to prevent financial crisis. This recourses the plan has gotten principle through. It is under such finance setting, a lot of industries cannot pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others. American real-estate industry faces tremendous crisis, the estate of our home also assumes the position that backwater goes backwards even.

And the stainless steel in the rolled steel industry that regards economy as the foundation also suffers affect, bring about stainless steel occurrence crisis of downstream industry catenary. Since this year, nickel price is protected all the time firm in hasten goes infirmly situation. Although ever was behaved in price of nickel of the London end Feburary,highlight, go up to 33850 dollars all the way / ton, but in such price, nickel price be hard to stand firm, in March the middle ten days of a month begins to go weak all the way. Although also have occasionally,rise, but drop to go up more after all little. Economic environment and stainless steel requirement are dual low fan, it is the crucial factor that influence nickel price takes weak.

Another element that nickel price drops suffers the be a burden on of stainless steel demand namely, in economic element the influence falls, the expression of these industries is goodish this year, the demand of stainless steel also falls short of a promise greatly, pressure of stock of stainless steel market is all-time also increase. Below double action, stainless steel price goes low all the way, come so, the embroil with basically produce elemental nickel to also get certain as stainless steel. Home some is large break down of stainless steel factory the entente contract of supplier of flotsam of its stainless steel, cause value of stainless steel scrap to appear to be reduced considerably, 304 flotsam (8 nickel) the price by early days 17500 yuan / ton reduce to current 16500-16800 yuan / ton. As we have learned, this steelworks early days and the contract price that its entente supplier agrees are 18000 yuan / ton, and the entente contract that this steelworks terminated its supplier recently, will make the market after stainless steel flotsam faces greater pressure, market level of flotsam of short-term stainless steel or have farther possibility playing detective.

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