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Ministry of land natural resources releases mine reserves trends to run a requir
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According to the message, to strengthen mine reserve dynamic supervisory government works, fulfil mine reserves to manage responsibility, timely, accurate control situation of mine resource reserves, resources of stimulative mineral products is protected effectively and reasonable use, ministry of land natural resources was released recently " mine reserves trends runs a requirement " .

This is ministry of land natural resources first time is right since holding water the reserve management of mine company puts forward to make clear specific requirement, its core spirit is, protective resource must fulfil reserve management responsibility.

" requirement " include geology of general principles, mine to measure, reserves of rate of loss of reserves of estimation of reserves of resource reserves classification, resource, resource, stoping, resource submits an expense account, annals of reserves of Zhang of stage of mine resource reserves, mine, supplementary articles 10 respects content.

" requirement " put forward, large and medium-sized mine must build mine geology to measure an orgnaization, small-sized mine must deploy geology to measure personnel. Duty is standard of basis country concerned technology, requirement, the mine that assumes mine production to concern is measured, the job such as mine geology, be in charge of mine reserves management, build Zhang of mine reserves stage, production of work out mine concerns a plan reach mine reserves annals. Zhang of stage of mine resource reserves is comprehensive, the fundamental data of situation of reserves of natural resources of company of accurate report mine, mine company must have person specially assigned for a task to be in charge of, revise in time, each content that updates stage Zhang.

In the light of our country small mine manages the current situation, " requirement " put forward, the small mine that measures an orgnaization without geology ought to invite the mine geology that has aptitude to measure an orgnaization to employ a circumstance to begin geology to measure the job to reserves of mine year resource; Apply every year at least measure; Estimation of its resource reserves should include accumulative total to find out resource reserves, this year to employ resource reserve at least, adopt contributive cause reserve, loss resource reserves and retain resource reserves; Content of mine reserves annals can simplify appropriately, should add forms for reporting statistics of resource of graph of current situation of the mine below graph of resource reserves estimation, opencast working or well and solid mineral products to wait at least.
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