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The Ministry of finance is adjusted super- special high pressure is defeated cha
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Fulfil the State Council to revitalize domestic equipment manufacturing industry to concern the spirit that imports taxation policy about accelerating to carry out, adjust now super- , special high pressure is defeated change policy of revenue of import of electric equipment and its key component informs as follows about the problem:

One, basis " country of Ministry of finance develops innovation appoint the announcement that a certain number of opinions that total bureau of Wu of tax of state of customs total office revitalizes equipment manufacturing industry about fulfilling the State Council to accelerate concern import revenue policy " (money custom duty [2007]11 date) concerned regulation, from January 1, 2008 (declare time in order to import to be accurate) case, make for development to domestic company exceed, special high pressure is defeated change electric equipment and the import tariff of place pay mixes the crucial component of the entrance import segment value added tax is executed ask for first regressive, place drawback money invests processing as the country, turn for national capital gold, basically use at the development production of company new product and construction of own innovation ability.

2, this announcement is said to exceed, special high pressure is defeated change electric equipment is to show ±500 kilovolt and above dc are defeated change electric equipment and communication of 500 kilovolt and above are defeated change electric equipment. Put forward to apply for to enjoy the enterprise that imports taxation policy to should have the following requirement: 1. Have be engaged in exceeding, special high pressure is defeated change ability of trial-produce of electric equipment design; 2. Have major to compare all ready technical personnel team; 3. Stronger assimilation absorbs ability and manufacturing engineering capability; 4. Already signed super- , special high pressure is defeated change the contract order for goods of electric equipment.

3, the catalog of entrance key component that enjoys drawback policy sees accessory 1. Drawback inventory will carry out the circumstance such as ability of form a complete set of the effect, home according to company application, policy henceforth timely undertake adjustment.

4, if need to import afore-mentioned crucial component, raw material,accord with the company that informs the 2nd regulation originally, but according to money custom duty [the concerned regulation of 2007]11 date file applies for to deal with drawback formalities.
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