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Hopeful of standard of fuel of 5% biology derv comes on stage inside year
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A few days ago, stone fossil oil changes labour science academy in senior engineer Lin Jianmin expresses in Shanghai, this courtyard from 2007 assume first be in charge of drafting derv of 5 % biology concoctive fuel (of BD5) state level make, already formed draft standard at present. According to the plan, derv of 5 % biology is concoctive fuel standard is expected inside this year announce formally carry out.

Lin Jianmin says, although our country already was executed " diesel engine fuel moves operable biology diesel oil (BD100) state level " , but this kind of oil is tasted cannot use at derv car directly. Below the problem before wanting to be in what do not change car engine and accessory, safe, put a person's mind to use biology diesel oil, after biology derv and fossil derv are allocated, must use. Use a case according to abroad, the biology derv content in concoctive fuel is not more than 5 % commonly.