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National endowment appoint announce " central company safe production controls g
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General principles of the first chapter

To fulfill state-owned asset to give endowment person safe production superintends duty the first, supervise and urge central enterprise fulfils responsibility of safe production main body in the round, build safe production to grow effect mechanism, prevent and reduce manufacturing safety accident, ensure central company worker and safety of people life property, maintain the rise in value keeping a cost of state-owned asset, basis " law of safe production of People's Republic of China " , " state-owned asset controls the company manage temporary regulations " , " the announcement that general office of the State Council works about strengthening central company safe production " (the country does hair [2004]52 date) wait for concerned law laws and regulations and regulation, make this way.

This the 2nd method place weighs central company, it is to show the State Council is state-owned asset controls administrative committee (country of the following abbreviation endowment appoint) what fulfil contributive person obligation according to accredit of the State Council is state-owned reach state-owned control a company.

The 3rd central enterprise ought to accept national safe production to supervise management department and seat province lawfully (area, city) , city (the ground) the supervisory management of supervisory management department of safe production supervisory management department and industry safe production. National endowment appoint the responsibility that gives endowment person according to state-owned asset, to the safe production of central enterprise the job fulfils the following obligation:

(one) responsible guidance supervises and urge central enterprise is carried out fulfil policy of policy of national safe production and concerned law laws and regulations, standard to wait;

(2) supervise and urge central proprietor of an enterprise wants chief to fulfil safe production the responsibility of person of the first responsibility and company system of safety production, had made the outstanding achievement assessment that fulfils safe production obligation to company controller;

(3) according to concerns a provision, participate in or the organization begins examination of central company safe production, superintend and director to check, supervise and urge the enterprise fulfils each safety to be on guard to administer measure with hidden trouble;
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