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7 pipe fitting of our country are in charge of level of material new nation to b
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Plastic pipe material, pipe fitting and committee of valve cent technology represented committee of countrywide standardization technology a few days ago, level of new nation of material of 7 plastic pipes and pipe fitting is carried out formally already.

These 7 new GB are respectively: GB/T15819-2006 irrigates with polyethylene (PE) tubal material is mixed by the experiment method that inserts type pipe fitting to cause sensitivity of environmental stress craze technical requirement; GB/T5836.1-2006 building catchment uses hard pvc (PVC-U) tubal material; GB/T5836.2-2006 building catchment uses hard pvc (PVC-U) pipe fitting; GB/T10002.1-2006 water supply uses hard pvc (PVC-U) tubal material; GB/T20201-2006 irrigates with polyethylene (PE) pressure is in charge of mechanical join pipe fitting; GB/T20207.1-2006 propylene nitrile - butadiene - styrene (ABS) pressure pipeline system the 1st part: Tubal material; GB/T20207.2-2006 propylene nitrile - butadiene - styrene (ABS) pressure pipeline system the 1st part: Pipe fitting.

According to introducing, issuance national standard it is to consult international metric system (repair) order, reach the change that environmental protection asks according to technology of domestic and international material, processing technique tubal material, undertook editing to partial content. Among them, water supply is in charge of material GB castigatory with PVC-U main technique content has: Raised the requirement that is worth to colophony K, stabilizing agent of taboo lead salt, raised drop hammer to pound the blow energy of the experiment, the part adopted foreign photograph to close the technical index of advanced standard, adjusted the annulus stress that hydraulic pressure experiments, increased systematic applicability experiment and dimension to be reached in group finalize the design examine etc; Building catchment is in charge of material and pipe fitting GB with PVC-U, norms enlarges 32~250mm by 40~160mm, have distinction with conduit dimension with municipal catchment, join tubal material raised kind of sealing ring join, cancel classy taste and qualification tastes classification, increased tubal material, pipe fitting bear mouth.