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China will build a nation production of drug of standard of basic medicines syst
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National hair changes appoint website now will " the opinion that about deepening medical sanitation system reforms (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " full text is announced, seek an opinion to the society. Ask for opinion draft to point out, chinese general with building a nation basic medicines system is a foundation, pull current of normative medicines and chemical reagents connects price of order, perfect drug to form a mechanism, strengthen a government to superintend for main content, the medicines and chemical reagents that construction standardization, intensive changes supplies safeguard system, perfect ceaselessly hold system of apothecary of course of study, safeguard people safety uses drug.

Ask for opinion draft to point out point out, build a nation basic medicines system. Administration is unified make and release a country basic medicines catalog, according to prevention and cure safe and indispensible, effective, price the reasonable, principle that uses medicine of convenient, Chinese and Western to pay equal attention to, combinative our country uses medical characteristic, consult international experience, breed of basic medicines of reasonable and affirmatory our country and amount. The production that establishs basic medicines supplies a system, in the government macroscopical adjusting control falls to produce the effect of market mechanism adequately, basic medicines executes invite public bidding to calm dot is produced or be purchased centrally by the country, deserve to send directly, reduce intermediate segment, unified on the foundation of level of profit of segment of reasonable and certain production establish retail price, ensure the production of basic medicines is supplied, safeguard masses uses drug basically. Normative and basic medicines is used, basic medicines uses formulate standard and clinical application guideline. Service center of urban community sanitation (station) , the orgnaization of sanitation of basic level medical treatment such as clinic of hospital of villages and towns, village should use basic medicines entirely, other and of all kinds medical establishment also should regard first selection as medicaments basic medicines and use scale certainly. Basic medicines brings into primary medical treatment to ensure systematic medicaments to submit an expense account entirely catalog, submit an expense account apparent prep above is not scale basic medicines.

Ask for opinion draft to point out point out, the side is told in pull current of normative medicines and chemical reagents, perfect medicine industry develops policy and industry development program, firm market admittance, strict medicines and chemical reagents is registered examine and approve, energetically standard and rectify pull current to know order, drive medical industry to optimize upgrade to progress with the technology, modern other people sheds development medicines and chemical reagents to be managed with chain, the conformity of stimulative drug production, current business. Build cover wide, system perfect, civilian benefit farming rural medicines and chemical reagents is supplied net and supervisory net. Support uses hidebound special produce with medicine with medicine, emergency treatment. Perfect medicines and chemical reagents lays in a system. Normative medicines and chemical reagents is purchased, the commerce in governing medical purchase and sale stoutly boodles. Strengthen medicines and chemical reagents harmful response is monitored, build mechanism of early-warning of safety of medicines and chemical reagents and lash-up to deal with mechanism.
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