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Man to pretend to tender the works as bait to defraud six money-making 5 milli
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A man posing as village cadres, a large number of projects spread around false information to the tender, during which the two individual contractors cheat the trust. Subsequently, the two men in a variety of contractors to ask for the name of property, see things brought to light and then hiding. Recently, the public Anjin Nan Branch Tour (special) police detachment in conjunction with Nanyang police station, arrested the suspect. In recent years, with the land Jinnan accelerating the pace of integration of the various cities and districts of key projects have been started, setting off a new round of construction boom. At the same time, some unscrupulous elements are playing a crooked mind. Mr. Han farmers Jinnan District Municipality, to see others through the development of wind Jinnan have large fortunes, their still the same because of no skills. After some wrestling, the Mr. Han decided to open a new path. So he proclaimed himself a title of vice chairman of a village, and then claimed that the village around a large construction project to be contracted. May this year, a chance, Mr. Han made the acquaintance of the individual contractor Zhang, Lee. After some pleasantries, Mr. Han can not wait to own a bright and clear, "deputy director of village committee" status, he talks of the village have more than one hundred million project is brewing, the time is ripe to prepare the tender, and has repeatedly hinted Zhang and Li can certain investments. At first, two for Mr. Han Zhang and Lee doubts about rhetoric, not very enthusiastic. Seeing Mr. Han Zhang and Lee will take the initiative about to eat a feel for it quickly and the two conversational. Later, the three often eat and drink together, party, Mr. Han see the time is ripe, it will once again put to work the issue, Mr. Han's rhetoric and well in the under cover, Zhang and Lee believed. Subsequently, Mr. Han said that the operation of contract engineering needs, and commitment to the relevant personnel as long as the RBI village well, a multi-billion project will be contracted to Zhang and Lee. In this way, Mr. Han has been from May, in the last six months of time, under various names to the Zhang and Li to ask for five million dollars accumulated property, what can be contracted projects Mr. Han has repeatedly shirk, has yet to progress. The duo repeatedly urged Mr. Han worried. Seeing no way out of Mr. Han had to choose disappeared. At this point, a dream wake up two talents find themselves deceived, and then report to public security organs. After receiving the report, police stations and public Anjin Nan Branch Southeast Asia Tour (TT) task force composed of police detachment, the careful work of the suspects arrested and brought to justice.