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Hao Yuan: Gansu school buildings are safe to implement an open tender next yea
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The afternoon of December 7, Hao Yuan, vice governor of Gansu Province organized the forum safety engineering school in Gansu Province, with the primary education sector and school management face to face, hear their views on school safety problems in project implementation and recommendations. It is understood, Gansu Province, from 2008 primary and secondary school buildings are safe to implement, as of now, the school safety project started in Gansu Province area of 31 provinces in the country listed in section 4, completed an area out of the No. 14 overall good progress. At the forum, from Qingyang, Pingliang six cities and prefectures, Linze, the 6 counties Liangzhou education departments, as well as other Tianshui Maiji 5 junior person in charge of primary schools, around the school buildings are safe for progress in the implementation and problems were reported. Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the provincial Department of Finance and other members of school safety project leading group to grass-roots units of the issues raised were answered. Hao Yuan, said after listening to the reports, the basic units focused on the issues raised on the part of project approval, the provincial school safety and the need to do on the basis of available documents related to the introduction of a way to link the division of authority for the approval of further interpretation and other issues . Hao Yuan pointed out that school buildings are safe to clear the idle generated after the implementation of priority for school education, to focus on the use of idle school pre-school on the above towns, meet local educational needs in the premise can be idle school property for other purposes, income funds must be used for investment in education. Haoyuan Jiang stressed the need to reform the school buildings are safe, "legal system", the province will be implemented next year, "owner", by tender to select a professional project management unit, the school principal's role from the project legal relief out.