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Ningbo Mei Shan House, bonded area business successful completion of constructi
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December 14, Ningbo Mei Shan Trading Floor Construction Bidding center in Ningbo Beilun smooth opening of the bidding. The construction tender will cover the main and ancillary works, excavation works, curtain wall, with a total cost of about one million, a duration of 700 calendar days, the construction quality of the project according to the national acceptance of a one-time inspection to ensure compliance and to achieve " Yongjiang Cup "standard, striving for" Qianjiang Cup ", Security Management to standardize the site safe and civilized city standards. To participate in this tender a total of 13 units, are pre-selected contractor companies 2010-2011. Bid Evaluation Committee in accordance with evaluation methods, standards and business through technology evaluation and comparison of the subject carefully, and finally recommended Zhejiang Construction Meishan Group Co., Ltd. for the building construction business successful candidate.