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The government is purchased also want harmony
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Compose builds harmonious society is the seventeen big thought marrow of the party, also be implementation it is as good, good as development to had been safeguarded the most numerous people is essential of the interest specific reflect. Purchase working itself as the government and character, also want to seek harmony, can say, harmony is the foundation that the government purchases.

Person and natural harmony are politics collected adjusting control target

The earth is our Lai Yisheng puts place must environment, the government is purchased the respect waits in energy-saving, environmental protection, itself is benefit mankind, protect significant move of the environment. Should ascertain a state seriously mandatory purchase policy, right energy-saving mandatory the product beyond attestation limits says “ not ” , to the encouragement inside energy-saving detailed list kind energy-saving product, had implemented the measure that add cent, do well support, form the situation of person and natural and harmonious accrete.

In the meantime, also should do well energy-saving with environmental protection policy cooperate, form optimal and shirt-sleeve place, cannot because energy-saving and influence environment, influence green. Change character, the use of energy-saving establishment affects an environment likely also, early days even if is energy-saving, the high waste time that later period environmental protection arranges also can be taken.

Additional, want to increase clean the sources of energy and energy-saving product promotion to use strength, in energy-saving lamp promotion, solar energy heats, the respect such as air conditioning of boiler circulation of Guang Fufa report, sea, energy-saving building has larger development space. If the developed country such as Germany all has better performance, also be the government purchases the way that give aid to.

Content is worth somewhat is politics pick the oldest tune

Below legal frame, economy of give attention to two or morethings, politics and social benefit, implementation 3 person harmony is united is implementation content what be worth a principle somewhat is best reflect.
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