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Our country government purchases a system to answer 3 authority schism
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A few days ago, yuan of government that big public house holds the name leaves to purchase innovation seminar to go up in Beijing, wang Conghu of associate professor of courtyard of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of fair condominium of Chinese people university put forward our country government to purchase a system to answer first “ ” of 3 authority schism this one viewpoint.

3 authority ” points to alleged “ respectively the government purchases the decision making authority in the travel political power in the system, executive authority, superintendence. Wang Conghu thinks, part of one's job of this 3 authority belongs to the function of different service, can have some of branch general at present close 3 for one or close 2 for one.

“ centrally mechanism, part is provincial mechanism, door of Ministry of finance has decision making authority and superintendence. ” Wang Conghu tells a reporter, according to " the government purchases a way " reach its relevant provision, door of Ministry of finance has the right that establishs a government to purchase relevant policy not only, and still was gifted by law supervisory government purchases activity and the right that purchase an orgnaization centrally. Executive authority purchases an orgnaization to provide gymnastics to make by concentration.

“ and the government of partial ground, city purchases a system to be not perfected, 3 authority even complete works at an organic whole of door of Ministry of finance. ” occupies Introduction Wang Conghu, a few areas purchase an orgnaization centrally without the setting, and entrust social intermediary organization to make purchase or is in directly be established below this unit by door of Ministry of finance purchase an orgnaization. These purchase “ to the orgnaization falls as a result of accessary finance department or suffer its to entrust, covert in the hand that the ground carries out authority to also fall to door of Ministry of finance. He says ” .

Wang Conghu thinks, current 3 authority not schism brought many real difficult problem.

It is collect decision making authority, executive authority, superintendence cause corruption easily at the local finance department of an organic whole. He says, local finance department coverts the ground takes executive advantageous position him hand in, the government purchases an activity to achieve open, justice and fairness hard.
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