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Future is purchased need negotiation expert no longer
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The process is purchased in current business in, the price, quality, service is not had do not need a negotiation to solve.

Is the negotiation so important in purchase really? We negotiate after all where to be to the influence of the price to look in light of the exemple with the price now.

To like to study the friend of detail, be as follows the methodological introduction of price analysis especially:

11 kinds of methods of price analysis

1. What reference of gain law —— goes is actual buy price, cipher out is about to buy the means of base price.

2. Target price —— is gone against from the sale price of the product calculate purchase unit price of target of some of the beard that taste place.

3. Transverse law —— is singled out and object category is like or purchase jointly quite article, the parameter that investigates influence cost (cost is fluctuant because of,want) , do not do parameter horizontal comparison, cipher out hopes probably with why the price is purchased.

4. Use the expert experience with seasoned basis of experience law —— or sense, calculate bade standard.

5. Appraisal compares law —— to compare the appraised price of two above, reference has advantage that one appraisal, cipher out is about to buy unit price.

6. When —— of law of market price case purchases standards of raw material, market to taste, reference signs up for paper value edition or other data, study cipher out is about to buy the price.

7. Referenced manufacturer of —— of manufacturer price standard alone the norms that set puts forward tastes the price, the method of cipher out unit price.
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