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Our country current government purchases a system to be reformed urgently
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The government that our country executes purchases a system, manage in normative government spending, raise finance capital to use benefit and efficiency, prevent government of state-owned property prediction of a person's luck in a given year, implementation to consume behavior preliminary commercialize wait for a respect, show positive effect. But concerned expert thinks, our country's current government purchases a system to still be put in a lot of blemish, still not be present-day meaning go up purchase a system, the government purchases a system to be badly in need of reform.

The government is purchased also cry communal purchase, form the western state at 18 centuries the earliest. Current, national government purchases a lot of market economy to already was managed by onefold government spending, evolve to have a state to hold concurrently at the same time macroscopical adjusting control is double main tool of the function, it is one of the directest way that the government intervenes economy moves.

Our country starts a government to purchase from 1985 since the system is pilot, although obtained positive result, but the need that active government purchases a system to get used to current economy society to develop hard, the government purchases a system reform is imperative.

The government of our country is purchased still is not the government that go up purchases present-day meaning

Wang Shuang of director of bureau of invite public bidding of equipment of Heibei province Electromechanical is entered say, our country's active government purchases existence amount the issue with not much, narrower range, still not be the government that go up purchases present-day meaning. The principal part that the government purchases is various government and the executive authority that its belong to, institution only, and use fund also is confined to finance sex capital, capital of sex of enterprise use finance and government purchase a person to use what civilian capital undertakes to purchase be eliminated outer. Person face is purchased in what government of the existence in practice purchases the amount of the very narrow, award that purchase the less, amount that purchase is too small problem.

According to international experience, a country year the government purchases dimensions to be commonly in those days of GDP 10% to 15% . And governmental purchase was our country 2006 three hundred and sixty-eight billion one hundred and sixty million yuan, occupy in those days GDP1.7% , was 400 billion yuan 2007, occupy in those days 1.6% of GDP.
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