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Face of positive and negative of schedule of open sealed tenders affects an anal
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Requirement bidder offers ” of schedule of “ open sealed tenders when bid is the usual practice when at present each district purchases an orgnaization to make public invite public bidding to purchase in the organization. Because bidder did not offer ” of schedule of “ open sealed tenders or schedule of offer “ open sealed tenders cursorily temporarily the content of ” , format, sealed wait not to accord with invite public bidding set related the file and will by refus the circumstance outside contest mark door happens from time to tome, at this moment by refus the bidder outside contest mark door is cosmopolitan avowed and hapless, leave scene of open sealed tenders sadly, and to purchasing an orgnaization very few however someone goes the rationality of this kind of practice fastidious. The author thinks, purchase an orgnaization the advantage of this kind of practice is, the job calling bid that gives its oneself was brought convenient, but the place that has its not proper however.

Bidder delinquency bids opportunity

Bidder is participated in bid even if want to come by right of him actual strength contest mark, actual strength should be reflected the respect waits in the price, quality, credit and after service, be inferior to a person like actual strength and fall mark, anybody cans say nothing. But purchased an orgnaization to install ” of schedule of “ open sealed tenders now this bids link, was equal to bidder to install to bid actually trap, should have this trap only may somebody falls into trap. And the bidder that falls into trap is not actual strength not as good as, weave however bid when the file temporarily unwary. Because work temporarily unwary with respect to the contest mark door bidder refus outside, let a person feel really regrettablly.

The influence purchases a person to purchase the effect

The purpose that purchases person invite public bidding is to want to purchase good in quality and cheap in price product through invite public bidding, purchased an orgnaization to install ” of schedule of “ open sealed tenders now this bids link, make possibly because a few bidder that have competitive actual strength work temporarily unwary and by refus outside contest mark door, also affect necessarily thereby optimal the implementation that purchases a result, this also is a loss necessarily for the person to purchasing.

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