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The government purchases supervisory branch to also answer refresh idea
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Recently, bureau of Nanjing city audit buys the price to check a government to purchase the value with the net first, hope to contrast through the price, the account that searchs a question and settle way. Bureau of this city audit is in the process that begins a government to purchase benefit audit, of the equipment such as the printer that is aimed at those who purchase person report to be bought for money way through the agreement, electrograph clinch a deal the circumstance of value of market of price prep above, the breakthrough is sought actively on audit method, make full use of Internet goods news, accurate hold price change circumstance, undertake the price contrasts purchasing, purchase the issue of value of market of price prep above in order to announce. Look from audit result, preliminary achieve expectant result.

Purchase supervisory branch as important government, audit mechanism should be purchased to the government undertake audit is supervised, " the government purchases a way " specific provision: “ government purchases supervisory management department, government to purchase each party to purchase an activity about the government, the audit that ought to accept audit office supervises ” , law also gifts audit department purchases supervisory right to the government. How should audit department supervise a government to purchase the job, relevant law laws and regulations did not make clear a regulation, because each district state is differ, also cannot make clear a regulation. Those who use a convention if archives of manual audit, attune consults, whether does the means such as artificial business accounting suit a government to purchase a territory? This one problem is worth to think, also be worth development of department of each district audit to consider.

The attempt of bureau of Nanjing city audit is worth affirmation. In price test process, audit staff presses breed, model, configuration to purchasing goods above all, purchase the value, purchase time to wait undertake classified, analyse the structural situation that annual goods purchases, the overall condition; that holds annual to purchase next, on analytic foundation, the sieve singles out the facility that consolidates the model that annual stocks, configuration relatively, facilitate the following price compares pair of; the 3rd, use the commodity information that provides on Internet, by value of breed, model, configuration, market, announce time to wait undertake classify and filtration; finally, audit staff is the same as a dot for a short while to go up to what choose, the government purchases an agreement to clinch a deal for goods the market sale price of same goods on the price and website undertakes comparing is opposite, calculate price discretion circumstance. Pass what offer goods key link to the agreement to decompose, the comparative examine and verify of specific aim, got comparative authentic result, the account that offerred problem generation and improve a proposal.
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