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The government is purchased still need to fill " report "
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“ is in Brazil, the government is purchased in apply what the electron changes a method to occupy 70% much, the rate that changes than our country electron wants tall. The history that Chinese government purchases a system to carry out is very short still, compare existence difference with Euramerican nation posture, nevertheless, the development space that this is showing to our country government purchases an electron to change is very large still. ” a few days ago, use company of software of friendly government affairs to be held jointly by newspaper office of Chinese finance and economics and Beijing " the government purchases a way " carry out anniversary and 5 governments to purchase an electron to change an informal discussion to go up, treasury of Ministry of finance manages the government purchases Li Chengshuang of one department deputy director general to say so.

" the government purchases a way " carry out 5 years to come, the government of our country purchased a system to gain very good economic benefits and social benefit, policy target also is play by change of cheap of initiate of pure managing finance fund, anti-corruption policy function, fulfil macroscopical adjusting control. But, a few places and branch purchase a system to reform understanding not to reach the designated position to the government, understanding is not lucid, the government purchases legal system system still diseased, particular operation still shows trival; slightly additional, the regulation between relevant law returns existence incongruous place. This needs “ more superintendency division system decides scientific and sound policy, want to use an electron to change a method. ” Li Chengshuang thinks.

The electron is changed it is hasten of general trends place

This year Feburary, zhang Tong of assistant of minister of Ministry of finance puts forward publicly first degrees external, chinese government is planning to influence time with 3 years, advance a government to purchase system innovation in the round. To achieve this one goal, “ increases an electron to change purchase platform construction, build centralized governmental procurement control to trade systematic ” is a strong step. How to change the electron method and government to purchase a system to be united in wedlock well rise will make a main task. “ new system and new technology are having accrete characteristic, the significant progress of human every time is having close connection with technical progress. Yao Zhongli of editor in chief of newspaper office of ” China finance and economics emphasized a government purchasing the value that the electron changes in the speech. Using an electron to change a method to carry out a government to purchase is a direction also be a kind of trend, yao Zhongli thinks, the government purchases an electron to change contained content of a few respects:
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