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"The government purchases budget making and executive government measure " shoul
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Do not purchase without the budget, it is the whole nation many local importunate a principle, because purchase,must be premise with capital, it is safeguard with law.

But budget should is make it what kind of just accord with the standard? How should carry out ability body to reveal tigidity and efficiency again? This is a difficult problem that a lot of people are trying hard to defeat solution.

Phoenix defends inspected first gear a such stories had related in the program: A delegacy of Chinese some city visits a town of Canada. Between banquet, chinese mayor invites Canadian mayor to visit China. Canadian mayor is after expressive acknowledgment, tell China the mayor: There is this expenditure in “ government budget, estimation embarks on a journey hard. ”- - this shows of “ firm ” that increases square finance budget one spot; and Chinese mayor replies readily: The charge of China of “ your visit is assumed by us. ”- - the “ soft ” of our finance budget makes a person stare!

The government purchases a budget, it is the fountainhead link that the government purchases the job is mixed executive basis, concern the dimensions that the government purchases already, also affect the efficiency that the government purchases, more the standard that drag in government purchases. Current, budget making purchases in the government a few issues that cannot ignore still exist in the process: It is budget of “ attendant ” , the government purchases a budget to be regarded as the branch is estimated “ adjunct ” , without; of alone fill in a form and submit it to the leadership 2 it is budget of “ weak ” , each budget unit is purchased optional sex is big in executive process, capital uses lack to plan a gender, sanction is not strong; 3 it is budget of “ default ” , the item that gold of budgetary foreign capital and own reserves purchase is eliminated outer; 4 it is budget of “ bubble ” , in plan to purchase project and standard to make up the “ on the newspaper is big and empty ” .

Same, carrying out link, the government purchased a budget to also face enormous challenge. “ has a budget but do not do not have give an official to be carried out by budgetary executive ” , “ purchase, the act first and report afterwards is tightened after the pine before ” , “ , assault of the end of the year spends the phenomenal too numerous to mention one by one such as money ” .
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