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Reasonable low wins the bid should strengthen the market to superintend
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Reasonable low wins the bid the law is helpful for saving investment, be helpful for building construction company to raise management level; to be helpful for the formation of order of fair, fair competition. But reasonable low wins the bid the law also is put in a few problems in executive process, if be put in jerry; bidder in construction process,bidding in the process malign competition, contract of the nonperformance after low wins the bid or fulfil a contract not complete. So, how can develop reasonable low adequately to win the bid already the advantage of the law, can you solve the problem that exists in the job again? The author thinks:

The admittance of firm market and Qing Dynasty give a system

Reasonable low wins the bid the key that law market superintends, the admittance that wants firm market namely and Qing Dynasty give a system. Rely on nonlocal enterprise low to grab mark to prevent individual contractor to hang, and contract of construction of the nonperformance after winning the bid or fulfill a contract not to wait for a few non-standard market action thoroughly, construction administration is in charge of a branch, want to father to involve construction market accurate person.

Close admittance of fine construction market and not be equal to block up of setting exclusiveness clause, repellent potential bidder, want to strengthen the management of pair of construction companies however. When bidding like requirement construction company, the project administrator that imitates a style must be, the amount of the project project that this unit administrator; that already undertook putting on record in branch of construction administration director carries on to project management team tries to restrict, the project manager that imitates a style especially must satisfy invite public bidding file and bid the requirement of the file. When to invite public bidding superintendency branch deals with invite public bidding to put on record, must strict according to bid file acceptance, after offerring project management team to deploy complete of circumstance; project, want to deal with the formalities of cancel after verification of relevant personnel in time. Lean to hanging, bag of subcontract, illegal cent, produce accident of great quality safety, refus nonperformance bids violate compasses construction company affirmatorily, instruct its deadline clear field to exit, give at the same time reduce aptitude or revoke its do business the severe punishment such as charter. Take the aim of these concrete superintendency steps, want to undertake to construction company trends is superintended namely, prevent certain the company that does not have corresponding aptitude hangs what rely on to bid and arise a series of undesirable consequence.
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