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Purchase budget making to want implementation to should be made up make up draw
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Regard government spending as the 3 core content of reform, sectional budget, treasury pays to purchase each other to be a condition with the government directly, supplement each other, suit with market economy photograph already, match with public finance photograph again, be just as 3 drive carriage, keep abreast of only, system of government spending management reforms ability to advance quickly.

The government purchases a system to bearing the weight of finance capital use science is changed, the heavy responsibility that standardization, intensive turns. Had performed this duty, must want to get a department from fountainhead estimated support energetically. And, the government purchases a system to jump over forward progress, to sectional budget making, can raise taller requirement- - budget of essence of life, essence of life makes up a government to purchase a budget, refine each project, want to refine each money how to be spent even.

“ essence weaves good government purchases a budget definitely, purchase the depth development of the system and its society consequence to the government, have decisive effect. Nevertheless, at present our country government purchases a budget relatively extensive, not quite accurate. This also is the problem that urgent need solves. Government of hall of finance of ” Guizhou Province purchases office director Zhang Yu brace up think.

Bai Jingming of assistant director of institute of science of finance of Ministry of finance expresses: “ government purchases a budget to should be accomplished at least relatively accurate, absolutely and accurate it is a good position. Nevertheless, even if should come true relatively accurate, the government of our country purchases a budget to also too long way wants. ”

Purchase a standard to remain to make clear

The government purchases a budget not accurate, it is a difficult problem that puzzles each district government to purchase superintendency branch all the time, it is certain and difficult to because this also brought about a budget,carry out existence. If the budget is too big, a large number of capital are surplus, finance capital is attributive if the budget is too minor,became problem; , purchase carry out hard, purchase a person to be able to declare additional budget only, can delay again purchase time, reduce purchase efficiency.
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