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Invite invite public bidding to purchase urgently standard and punish
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As a result of " the government purchases a way " be purchased to inviting invite public bidding and did not purchase like emulative negotiation or inquiry set specific operating sequence in that way, the invitation in causing real work thereby behavior of invite public bidding is extremely non-standard, some became avoid to make public the excuse of invite public bidding, some coverting get local protection greatly, some undertakes “ invites ” to do camera bellows operation to wait a moment greatly under the counter, disturbed the government purchases market order not only, still caused corrupt behaviour. To this, invite invite public bidding to purchase urgently standard and punish.

The legal and applicable condition that invites invite public bidding is refined urgently

" the government purchases a way " the 29th makes clear two kinds of when stipulated “ invites kind of ” of invite public bidding applicable case, it is “ has specialty, can handle the goods that purchase from the supplier of narrow range only or serve ”; 2 it is “ the fee that uses means of open invite public bidding to purchase occupies the scale that purchases value of project total prices to cross big goods or service ” . We see not hard from which, these two kinds of applicable conditions that invite kind of invite public bidding set so that compare a principle, not quite specific, very easy in real work meeting leaves an opportunity given by to fraud action.

The project that has specialty can be used invite invite public bidding, but after all what kind of status ability says to go up is “ characteristic ” , this needs to issue put oneself in another's position, the regulation of maneuverability. Because purchased the characteristic of the project to decide whether the project can use the main factor that invites means of invite public bidding to purchase, all sorts of avoid in real work make public invite public bidding and use the one old excuse that invites means of invite public bidding to purchase, emphasize oneself one-sidedly purchasing a variety of characteristic of the project namely, be like, anxious want to use, or should professional service site waits a circumstance a moment, and these characteristic are whether reasonable, normative, with respect to textual research of have no way, cannot make conclusions more, because jural do not have pair of characteristic one word makes specific provision, lacked consequently consult acceptedly standard and judgement basis, this left larger space, excuse or ground to production characteristic.
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