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Advance a government to purchase a system to reform policy proposal
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The benefit that our country government purchases is evaluated

(One) direct economic benefits

Purchase capital to cut down expense rate. Market economy compares the practice of the developed country to make clear, it is OK that the government is purchased considerably managing finance capital. Of competitive mechanism introduce, of unit process of cargo bandling transparent, shed swivel part simplifying is the main factor with implementation managing capital. The government purchases defray to take one country the proportion of GDP is in commonly 10% the left and right sides, managing rate is 10% . According to this scale computation, our country GDP is two billion and forty-three million five hundred and forteen thousand eight hundred and eighty yuan about, if carry out a government to purchase in the round, but managing capital 90 billion yuan. In light of the actual condition that purchases from government of our country try out, countrywide government purchased 32.79 billion yuan 2000, than going up year of growth 1.5 times, managing capital 4.25 billion yuan, among them budgetary capital is managing 2.57 billion yuan, cut down expense rate for 11.6% .

The government moves the control of cost. The government is purchased purchase main body to look with respect to its, have specific sex, advocate organization of the government organization that if point to support,finance capital runs, institution, society and public institution. With respect to its financing source looks, no matter be finance budgetary capital,still be extra-budgetary the fund that plans oneself, behave finally the taxation that is taxpayer is assumed or the government is communal the service collects fees, accordingly, the government purchases the control of amount to perform melt into to run the control of cost to the government essentially. After joining WTO, governmental function basically locates at building fair market competitive environment is mixed make up for the market to be out of order. This demand government runs cost as far as possible low, the government purchases dimensions to must be controlled inside certain limit.

(2) social benefit

The policy effect that the government purchases. The government is purchased is financial main tool, the amount that purchase, breed, frequency, affect finance policy effect directly. Above all, the government purchases the dilate of the quantity or contract, can pass multiplier effect, cause dilate of ground of national economy twice or systole. According to calculating, the government of our country buys defray multiplicator to take no account of taxation tendency (or tax rate) for 2.42, consideration taxation tendency (or tax rate) for 1.93.2002 years our country government is purchased predict to be able to amount to 100 billion yuan, can drive national economy to grow about 2% so, the contributive rate in increase rate of whole countryman economy will exceed 25% . Next, the structure that the government purchases can rise to adjust to the certain branch of national economy or industry action.
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