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Make 9 strategy of good international project
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International contracts the project is a complex systematic project, need to cooperate closely domestic and internationally, sum up experience ceaselessly in practice only, draw a lesson, ability takes roundabout way less, strive for bigger market portion and reduce project risk. The author combines oneself experience, summed up a few strategy that do good international project, the hope is drawn lessons from somewhat to the personage inside course of study.

One, much channel is absorbed, tarry and with nice talented person

Accelerate international engineering team and international to conform, in wanting to accelerate on one hand square personnel transforms to international talent, square personnel is integrated in rising quality, also should increase local power natural resources to develop strength hard at the same time, breakthrough with in the administrative idea that square personnel is a center, build the internationalization manpower resource that applies to international employee at the same time to run a system, the system such as fulfil of invite applications for a job, assessment, firewood, preferment, accomplish apanage of culture of pattern of pay rewards and punishment, management, company to change, implementation talent is formed, education of talent quality, talent grooms the internationalization with code of policy of evaluation, talent.

2, track information, strong strong together

It is very necessary that company and governmental director branch maintain affinity, and even the capital below be willing to part with or use creates delegate place, agency in a few countries, track for a long time, take project news.

A few big companies of author location firm and our country often strong strong together, project was taken to contract with less investment, convenient way in the national capital such as Si Tan of Iran, Syria, Kazakstan project, obtained considerable outstanding achievement. First experience the enterprise of the international market, can divide a variety of forms such as the bag to win a project through establishing combine, project first, every do a project to want to reflect every actual strength adequately, let the market know you really, successive, to contract to do a job directly later the project makes good preparation.

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