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Shallow the cost control that talks about project project to build each phase
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Summary: Cost control is perforative the whole process that builds at project project, elaborated design phase, invite public bidding to bid level, construction phase and complete phase control the measure of project cost.

Keyword: Cost control; Action bid; Limitation design; Project claim for compensation

Long-term since, people is used to putting cost control in construction to carry out level, actually, in the whole process that builds in project project, cost control is perforative at each phase. Each other is correlation control of cost control, time limit for a project, quality control, want to seize good cost control, must stress the quality of good project and plan. Project cost control is the integrated course that market economy, technology and management are an organic whole, achieve each square integrated balance only, ability obtains result.

1, the cost control of design phase

Design phase is key of pilot of construction project cost and key. Although design cost,proportion is held in building project cost not quite, occupy only commonly build the 2 % of 1.5 % ~ that bring cost, but can amount to 75 % above to the influence of project cost. The design of reasonable science can reduce project cost 10 % above. But in engineering design, many design personnel weigh technology, light economy, random raises safety factor or design a standard, and consider economically rationality less, affected the effective control of project cost thereby. For example, winter of system of some bazaar air conditioning is indoor set thermometry to spend 18 ℃ to be able to satisfy easy to ask moderately, the design presses 25 ℃ consideration however, created waste already, requirement of physiology of incommensurate human body. This kind of design is unreasonable, created certain waste, all sorts of economic norms that are pair of projects apparently take seriously not quite. Accordingly, design phase is all in all to the influence of project cost.

1.1 practice a design invite public bidding and preferred the choice designs an unit

The method of design invite public bidding that pursues construction program and union of economic plan photograph actively, use much home to design unit contest to cast, the organization concerns an expert integrated appraise through comparison, can actor or actress already so the design unit that has singled out, can promote a design to just be on modelling of project whole layout, building, use function again development innovation, reducing time of project cost fluctuation.
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