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Supply the 4 big fulcrum of chain management
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Supply the implementation of chain management, it is a supplier, manufacturer home, cent the enterprise contacts all node that sell business, shopkeeper to wait to supply catenary to go up in to undertake optimizing, make produce a material with the rapiddest rate, sell link to become the product of appreciation through production, cent, in reaching the consumer hand that has consumptive demand. This can reduce cost not only, reduce social inventory, and make social natural resources gets optimizing configuration. More important is, had fled information network, organization network, the reasonable flow that the significant link that achieved production and sale sheds with content shedding, iformation flow, capital, final the product with reasonable price, right product, send in time to hand of the person that take along sth to sb is expended. The company wearing Er of computer industry is supplied in its the means that provides innovation extremely was adopted on chain management, body is revealed supply chain management superiority effectively. Tectonic and efficient it is OK to supply chain from 4 fields hand: It is a center to be told from some kind of meaning with the client, the “ that supplies chain management itself to be a center with the client namely helps the result that type ” sale drives, its jumping-off place and stay are nodded, it is to be a client to create more value, it is with market demand pull move for impulsion. Client value is the core that supplies catenary government, the enterprise is the demand according to the client will organize production; The initiative power that supplies chain before comes from production link, the gentleman produces goods, push again to the market, before consumer is bought, won't know to sell the effect. Type system ” is pushed in this kind of “ in, understock and sale not the risk of beautiful exists at the same time. Now, the product begins from the design, the enterprise has let a client participate in, in order to make the product can accord with the client's demand truly. The supply that this kind of “ pulls type system ” catenary is impulsion with the client's demand.

Supply catenary government only then at final user. Its framework includes 3 shares: Client service strategy decides an enterprise how from profit the biggest the feedback to the client and expectation make the point of view that change reaction; Demand delivers the strategy is an enterprise with why be being planted means serves client demand and product provide photograph connection wide purchase the strategy to decide the enterprise is in He De, how is manufacturing product mixed provide a service.

The client serves the strategy. The first pace is fractionize of pair of client service market, in order to determine the service level that the client of different fractionize market expects. Analyse of part of one's job of the 2nd pace serves cost, the construction of client service cost that includes an enterprise to have and the cost that require to achieve different fractionize market to serve horizontal place. The 3rd pace is sales revenue management, this 2 steps are very important, but often be ignored by the enterprise. When the enterprise provides new service for different client, how can the client react to this? It is to buy increase and need to increase produce can, still be client faithfulness is spent rise, make an enterprise OK huff? The enterprise must make proper response to the client, change in order to make gain the biggest.
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