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Shallow Tan Zhi can be built defend technology of project of be struck by lightn
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After human society enters electronic information period, the intelligence that arises subsequently installed the many electronic facilities such as communication, computer to form intelligent system in the building, say build for intelligence. Intelligent building basically includes supervisory system of equipment of system of communication network system, website sth resembling a net, construction, safety to be on guard system, integrated wiring system, fire calls the police automatically reach system of fire control linkage to wait. These used many computer and microelectronics device in the system, provide a service for the user through spreading all over ark of equipment of the detector of whole structure, controller, network, machine to wait. Because intelligence builds medium computer and microelectronics equipment power rate of depress of report of small, job, insulation is not high, overvoltage bears ability is poor, the interference rejection, ability that fights report to emerge is weaker wait for a characteristic, once be disturbed by thunder, not only the equipment with the high price in meeting attaint system, and make extremely likely of whole system move break down, cause huge pecuniary loss. Accordingly, be familiar with thunder, it is important to master what building intelligence equipment and its system invade to thunder to defend the technology is shown especially.

One, the sort of thunder action

The form that thunder attacks intelligent system basically has wave of induction of direct be struck by lightning, side direction be struck by lightning, thunder, thunder to invade, in addition still pulse of electromagnetism of be struck by lightning waits.

1, direct be struck by lightning: Thunder is attacked directly go up in the building, leak of building of lightning current classics at the earth, produce fuel factor and electric effect, mechanical effect.

2, thunder induction: When thunder discharges, pass in lightning current all round, will powerful electric magnetic field arises, make pass voltaic conductor or very tall induction tension produces on metallic component and power plant, can obtain hundred thousands of hot season sometimes, can be opposite completely the insulation layer of general and electric equipment is caused destroy; In loop of connective of metallic component across, because contact the contact with undesirable or interstitial existence, generation scintilla.

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