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Discuss with what manage a problem to project of small-sized irrigation and wate
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Summary: Through be opposite Jiangxi visits Jingdezhen town the investigation of project of small-sized irrigation and water conservancy, point out a few problems that Jingdezhen city is built in irrigation and water conservancy and manage respect existence, in the light of these problems specific put forward a few about the opinion that strengthens construction of water conservancy project and management and proposal, the later period that put forward to be aimed at project project is safeguarded, a few concrete step of management.

Keyword: Small-sized irrigation and water conservancy; Project; Project management; Discuss


Construction of small-sized irrigation and water conservancy is agricultural development most fundamental condition, it is the key that executive agriculture can develop continuously, be in at the same time face abominable geological climate situation, especially the large area that Jingdezhen city appears since 1999 is arid, perfect irrigation and water conservancy builds system and perfect administrative measure, will alleviate greatly the inconvenience that natural disaster brings to people life, reduce the loss that agriculture produces. Project of small-sized irrigation and water conservancy orders Jingdezhen city much range is wide, and project form is diversiform, the canal protects good project, make its produce due beneficial result, it is the key of the normal production that ensures people and life.

One, Jingdezhen city is at present small-sized the problem that project of irrigation and water conservancy exists

Project of small-sized irrigation and water conservancy is to show the field fill that irrigate to solve farmland and builds discharges dam of project of fountainhead of fight a drought of area of project, small-sized fill, fill area, small-sized reservoir, pond, reservoir, water cellar, well, diversion works and medium or small pumping station.

1, the blindness with project very large presence, optional sex, bring about a lot of respect waits in project technology, reasonable development and socioeconomy benefit cannot mutual give attention to two or morethings, like some small-sized reservoir irrigates contain canal is slack, before doing not have expert attestation, countryside (town) the government takes contributive Jin Jin to be maintained all right, come for years, not from go up at all solve slack problem, cause low water season to be short of water to irrigate, abundant water period, water floats kill;
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