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5 principles that project cost manages
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Cost of bldg. project project manages, it is the specific requirement of the overall objective according to the enterprise and project project, have effective organization to project cost, carry out, control, dog, analyse and examine the administrative activity that wait. Build the project cost management of construction company, it is the base that the industry survives and expands and core. I am in bldg. from course of study more than 20 years, witness a lot of enterprises inside course of study promote decline. A lot of construction companies Ceng Xingcheng temporarily, eventually and decline, its are deadly the out of control that the reason depends on project project cost. The article tries 5 principles that narrate project cost management, n/HON be unworthy of the honor for cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions.

One, principle of ” of benefit of “ cost ——

Cost controls brings economic benefits, must be more than the price that pays to undertake cost controls place, ability increases benefit for the enterprise, this is principle of ” of benefit of —— of cost of cost pilot “ .

Cost management and control are the basic approach that the company increases profit. In income changeless circumstance falls, reduce cost to be able to make profit adds; Below the condition that adds in income, reduce cost to be able to make profit grows more quickly; Below the circumstance that drops in income, the fall that reduces cost to be able to check gain is led. Even if the branch of state-owned public utility that is a purpose not completely with gain, if cost is very high, ceaseless deficit, its live be browbeaten, also be in hard adjusting control economy, enlarge obtain employment and improvement the respect such as public utility produces effect, still can affect governmental finance at the same time, aggravating taxpayer burden, adverse to national economy, damage or reduce the value of existence.

Cost management and control are the base that the company expands. Control cost on advanced level of the person of the same trade, just have the base that expands quickly. Cost was reduced, can reduce build cost to carry on in order to expand business, the foundation is managed to be able to get after business expands firm, ability ensures project safety, improve project quality, innovation design, improvement construction craft, seek new development.
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