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Methodology research manages in construction project project apply mediumly
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Summary: The end that project project manages is the target with specific implementation not only (time limit for a project, quality, charge) , what also should achieve project construction and environment, society is harmonious, weigh the track of an overturned cart that error, impolitic, out of control invests before skip possibly otherwise. This also is one of ports that project project administers a method to rise to “ methodology ” .

Keyword: Methodology; Project management; Apply

No matter how does economic structure change, project project builds the main carrier that still is progress of our country economy. Build comparatively well-off society, development in the round at present in our country western, below the setting that revitalizes northeast, project construction makes the important instrument that a lot of region economy revitalize. Some cities put forward “ project to promote the catchword of city ” even. In economy progress basically relies on type of connotation of application of achievement of new science and technology, support below the patulous, situation that relies on intellectual innovation, relying on extensive type project to build is not the appropriate measure that revitalizes economy, our country also is paying enormous price to invest decision-making error all the time, use scientific method to undertake administrative to project project so, include to evaluate argumentation, will be project construction whether obtain the fundamental condition that anticipates a target. Method of project project management is specific means not only, also include an idea. 16 of the party 3 in plenary meeting puts forward to be with the person this, the scientific progress view that can last, “ can last for this ” , “ with the person the harmonious development that a of ” basic content is science and technology, economy, environment, society.

1, the administrative levels sex that builds project project to manage a method

The project project management of narrow sense is right inside target of definitive time limit for a project, quality, charge project project undertakes general management book a target in order to implement a project, but this management that is project project construction, project of diversification of source of the amplification as investment dimensions, domain, investment, project is affected to environment, economy increase, project project manages already not be confined to carries out a process, expand however use the government that upholds whole process to consign from project approving, of project project carry out also contract from construction development always contracts to project management, project wait for a variety of forms. To a specific project project, its target already was the control of quality, time limit for a project, charge not just, raise money with capital even, risk analysis, use safeguard and rise with the connection such as seat economy, environment, the target of the project, management should press ” of “ broad sense to consider. The method that project project manages, besides specific technical method, the evaluation of even forward later period is outspread, can last what should put forward in the center of the consideration, harmonious development, reflect these ideas. The place on put together is narrated, the article manages project project methodological cent to be two administrative levels: Ideological content method and technical method, perhaps say, the project manages thought and method.
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