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Shallow analyse is dry mix mortar advantage
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Summary: The traditional mortar that makes through mixing mortar and construction site to mix to working assures character in produce, of the respect such as function of construction of civilized environmental protection, construction and social benefit quite, the result makes clear: Do the clear advantage that mixes mortar to have many sided, its replace traditional spot to mix making mortar already was inevitable.

Keyword: Dry mix mortar; Traditional mortar; Environmental protection

1, introductive

Dry mix mortar, it is building materials domain works burgeoningly mix one of material, save a standard according to Guangdong " dry mix DBJ/T15-36-2004 of regulations of mortar application technology " the definition is: Do those who mix mortar department to show by professional manufacturer the home is produced, it is the thin volume material that handles for main cementation makings and dry screening with cement, mineral sophisticate makings, certain to strengthen material and additive to press the mixture that scale mixes and becomes.

Dry mixing mortar is from on the European construction market the fifties grows the century expand rise, the country waits to will work in Germany, Austria, Finland nowadays mix mortar to regard main mortar as material, only Germany has the plant that produces per year 100 thousand tons of above more than 200, average every 500 thousand people have to work mix mortar to produce a business. In the Asia, of and other places of Singapore, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong dry mix mortar development is very rapid also, if Hong Kong builds domain plasterer,3 exceeding to become in mortar is dry mix mortar. Our country go up oneself century 90 time up to now, do the situation that mixes mortar to develop to already became set the prairie ablaze, guangzhou area promotion is used dry mix mortar to already had 6 years, corresponding direct policy and standard already were carried out stage by stage, beijing, Shanghai concerns the local level that does the applied technology regulations that mixes mortar to already also carried out a few years, standard of Chongqing city place also is being made in.

The article will be main shallow analyse is common dry mix mortar relative to the advantage at traditional mortar, making the reader deepens the need doing that develops along with the society to working to mix the knowledge of mortar and realize to mix mortar to replace traditional mortar already was inevitable.
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