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The building uses the interstitial analysis of man-hour
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The analysis of problem of construction project quality, it is the premise of plan of trouble removal of correct protocol quality, it is the basis of responsibility of clear quality accident. For this, ask the analytic do one's best of pair of quality problems is comprehensive, accurate, objective; The property to the accident, harm, reason, responsibility cannot be omited. Want to have scientific proof and judgement; The rational of character: Talk have according to, just can achieve the goal of unified understanding.

One, wall body break is analysed

Break of body of the wall in mixing a structure is common quality problem, the cause that causes break has ground inhomogenous sedimentation, force of temperature stress, earthquake, expansibility, aspic bilges force, load and construction quality. Now radical of on the spot is inhomogenous sedimentation and temperature stress causes feature of wall body break to analyse as follows:

Foundation is inhomogenous sedimentation cause wall body break to analyse

The full load of the building passes ground finally through the foundation, and foundation falls in load action, its stress is follow deepness and diffuse, deepness is big, diffuse more big, stress heals small; Be in same in, always also be among the biggest, reduce gradually to two end. Also because this plants soil of stress diffuse action, although foundation layer is very even, building foundation stress distributings remain inhomogenous, make building foundation generation inhomogenous thereby sedimentation, namely the building is mid sedimentation much, two end sedimentation little, form small to curved surface of sunken basin shape sedimentation distributing. Better in geology, evener, and below the case with the not big length to height ratio of the building, building foundation is inhomogenous sedimentationed poor value is smaller, use to the safety of the building commonly won't produce how old effect. But when the building builds the agglutinant earth in condition of silty and earthy or soft model to go up, because earthy intensity is low, constrictive big, the absolute settling amount of the building and relatively uneven settling amount are compared possibly big. If the length to height ratio of building design is older, integral stiffness is poor, and to foundation end undertakes consolidate is handled, so wall body appears possibly serious break. Vertical,the happening of interstitial semmetry is in the two end of the wall, xiang Chen falls older way tilts, become about along mouth of door an opening in a wall 45. Show splay, and the upside break of the building is small, bottom break is big. This kind is interstitial, it is foundation necessarily additional stress action makes foundation generation inhomogenous sedimentation and form.
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