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Construction project is common quality problem and countermeasure of prevention
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Everybody won't forget 5.12 short of Wenshui River plain earth shake, it brought huge pecuniary loss to country and people, several innocent life are snatched by merciless ground in this disaster. The people after the earthquake sums up: Earthquake intensity is main reason admittedly greatly, but problem of quality of partial construction project also is to cause losing another main reason. Earthquake we cannot evasive, but we can avoid quality problem artificially, the common quality problem in building a project now talks about his understanding:

One, with makings problem

Use unqualified rolled steel. Company of a few construction values beneficial result, do not value quality, buy low the collect grain steel that a few unqualified rolled steel produce like subterranean small ironworks, black factory or round steel, perhaps reclaim from reject the station buys rusty rolled steel, cause steel structure intensity and demand of toughness short of. If these material are used in the dweller's daily bungalow to build in, because this kind of residence often uses structure of a siheyun, coping bearings no longer and laden, produce a problem not easily commonly, but if be used at building construction, appear easily body of muscle, craze, wall is out of shape wait for quality problem.

Use sand matter content is big. Company of a few construction drives plan to save a money, it is shoddy, when should using Shi Sha need not Shi Sha, and with the price a bit low stone pink is replaced or pink of impure part stone. 2 it is sand do not go up iron sieve, take greatly repeatedly small, mix simultaneously in concrete. 3 it is content of the clay in sand too tall, not classics bath, use at construction directly. The problem that these practices cause is concrete strength insufficient, sampling is hit after pressing, do not accord with a requirement, use on the foundation to cause picket radical easily to slant, fundamental straining, use at coping to produce phenomenon of coping craze leakage.

Do not use brick by the requirement. In Shanxi the province slants the red brick that closes a county to ask to use new moon city to produce in building construction, and the red brick that most construction company uses place, save freight on one hand, single block cost is low also on the other hand, but become,landed red brick pledges as a result of clay quantity and added coal quality exist difference, compressive strength is inferior to brick of new moon city apparently; Or use half brick more, this kind of brick is used when build by laying bricks or stones of rock-bottom wall body is built, phenomenon of break of body of easy generation wall.
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