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Shallow talk about large water conservancy project to build archives management
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Reservoir of river of horse of Teng state city always invests 112 million yuan except danger consolidate project, time limit for a project two years half (came in June 2002 in December 2004) . As a large water conservancy project, from project approving, examine and approve, the design is built to start working, formed much archives material, had done the collection of these data and government, to promoting project, safeguard reservoir project henceforth move with management, have very important sense. Reservoir of river of horse of article base oneself upon removes danger consolidate project, the collect of data of the archives in carrying pair of project, management, use wait for a respect to undertake preliminary discuss, with period the archives management job in be being built to large water conservancy project benefits somewhat.

One, the leader takes seriously, ensure the systematization of archives data, integrality.

Equestrian river reservoir built store water in May 1960, total storage capacity 138 million stere. Suffer the technology at that time and condition to restrict, together with more than 40 years move, reservoir hub project is existing serious quality hidden trouble. On May 26, 1999, bureau of irrigation works of jujube village city, committee of planning with the jujube plan farming word (1999) 125 article reported to hall of irrigation works of province committee of planning, province " about Ma He project approving of whole project of reservoir security personnel reports " , from this, those who pulled open reservoir to work except project approving of danger consolidate project is prelusive.

In applying for project approving to work, leader of city, bureau makes clear a directive for many times, of the archives material that must make the generation in process of good project approving arrange file job, ensure the systematization of archives data, successional with integrality. On Feburary 22, 2002, give an official of commission of irrigation works of river of the Huaihe River of irrigation works ministry " equestrian river reservoir removes danger consolidate project initial design reports " , when establishing project to be in, established project archives to run leader group at the same time, hold the post of a group leader by department head, controller of concerned section office holds the post of a member, made clear administrator of archives of 4 a full-time, part-time jobs, of data of project of specific and responsible project arrange file job. Book, account book, memorandum, harmonious to the report that forms in project approving, design, construction, give an official, blueprint, contract, mark file and leader inspect the data such as the activity all file. In the technical personnel that attendant of a gleam of works, insist to make good construction record, after project phase is checked and accept, be about to record deliver archives file. To the material that decides hard temporarily, arrange file first, after director of the classics after 3 months or director of be assigned personal responsibility for are examined, decide to accept or reject again. Use a variety of forms such as tape, CD, film, objective, as far as possible comprehensive, record project former appearance systematically, show construction elegant demeanour.
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