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The control of cost of construction of water conservancy project studies
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Summary: The article is on the composition that elaborates cost of construction of water conservancy project and pilot foundation, analysed pilot of cost of construction of water conservancy project main problem, put forward construction of water conservancy project the cost of each phase controls countermeasure, offerred proper view for construction of water conservancy project.

Keyword: Cost of construction of water conservancy project is controlled

In recent years, competition of industry of water conservancy project is increasingly intense, but because market mechanism is not quite perfect,wait for an element, cause business economic benefits to glide, endanger construction company badly live and develop. Develop to promote the economy of the enterprise, construction company must strengthen cost to control measure. The control of construction project cost is the comprehensive report of construction project quality, it is the mainest avenue that increases profit of engineering construction company. The company should grow, must achieve beneficial result in the construction of project project, want to gain good benefit, with respect to the construction cost that must reduce a project.

1, the composition of cost of construction of water conservancy project and control

Cost of project project construction shows construction company is the total construction job of project of the project that finish, the summation of each expends operating costs. It includes direct cost, administration fee, face build cost, business expenses to wait. The cost of raw materials that expends the place in pointing to engineering construction to need directly among them (wait like cement, rolled steel, lumber, arenaceous stone, white ash, brick, bitumen) , cost of class of artificial cost, mechanical stage. Administration fee shows this project runs the cost that spends in the process, like employee wages, office cost, action bids charge; Face the tabernacular building charge of the mechanical equipment with build cost to point to important and need of place of engineering construction personnel, the cost that perhaps hires a house owned by a citizen; Still include business cost additionally, it is the other charge that shows engineering construction shows spatial happening, namely the spot receives fee, the maintenance that place breaks out an accident to wait is expended etc [2] .

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