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Explore analyse is old technology of construction of engineering of railroad of
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Will be in area of old frozen earth domestic and internationally for years build railroad has successful experience, also have unsuccessful lesson, but promoted the people research to frozen earth problem on different level, deepened the people understanding to frozen earth property. Be in our country to have a lot of areas is frozen earth area, the the Xizang Autonomous Region is located in our country southwest border area, 1/8 what the area takes countrywide land, it is our country is illogical exclusively the province area of railroad, the main thoroughfare that green Tibet railroad contacts as communication Tibet, Qinghai and inland, to strengthening the connection of Beijing and inland and Tibet, stimulative Tibet each nation and inland are the association between each brother people, promotional the development of the solidarity of each nation, stimulative society, living standard that raises people, maintain a society stable, safeguard the motherland unified, executive country western develop the strategy greatly. The design principle that the character that the article analysed old frozen earth and project of roadbed of area of old frozen earth and place of project of bridge contain foundation accept, the right choice that pointed out construction craft is the technical key that solves roadbed construction, and in bridge contain foundation bright dug fundamental construction technology to undertake consider and be summinged up, also be opposite additionally craft made the construction of the concrete of area of old frozen earth be discussed in detail.

1, the character of old frozen earth reachs his to be opposite the influence of railroad construction

Frozen earth is a kind of land system that has its specialty, the characteristic of frozen earth is closely related the physical character at frozen earth and stability, very sensitive to temperature change and property is not stable. Frozen earth is returned with glacial quantity is contained to concern in earth, and the quantity that contain ice is concerned with temperature directly again, it as temperature lift and decrease, the mechanical character that creates frozen earth produces tremendous change. Frozen earth is in losing temperature the photograph with fierce generation of the moisture in alternant change process changes, accompany the change that produces earthy system bulk, expression is aspic bilges and be in harmony sinks in project be out of shape. Old frozen earth provides some to shed metamorphic, be in harmony heavy sex and aspic bilge the gender builds an influence to railroad serious.

The special project ground that causes by old frozen earth is inscribed questioningly, heavy, aspic bilges and basically be in harmony puts vertebra, aspic on the ice to bilge grave, be in harmony freezes pond of lake of slippery collapse of slimy shedding, hot be in harmony, hot be in harmony, marsh is wet the undesirable and geological phenomenon such as ice of underground of the ground, thick layer. Be in harmony sinks is to show old frozen earth melts, the building foundation that makes be built in area of old frozen earth is out of shape and destroy, main show sinks for roadbed, slope of side of roadbed exposed to the sun and road shoulder craze and glide, cutting edge slope is smooth collapse etc. The most important physics do one's best that aspic bilges is the generation when earthy system is frozen learns a process, because water became solid body by the liquid,be, bulk expands to increase and arise, what expression is the earth's surface is inhomogenous elevatory be out of shape. The aspic that accompanies earth bilges, in the building fundamental surface bilges action aspic force, produce aspic to bilge thereby be out of shape, serious when the destruction that will cause an erection. In phenomenon of geology of a lot of and undesirable frozen earth, most sensitive to temperature change and circle the biggest to the build influence of railway bed and not easily those who avoid basically is ice of thick layer underground, be out of shape badly and destroy what big deflection arises to be able to cause project building when its melt.
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