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Enlist in army of the consolidate technology of bridge discuss
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Summary: The article was elaborated above all enlist in army the characteristic of bridge maintenance consolidate, summed up next enlist in army the content of bridge maintenance consolidate and principle, to enlisting in army the bridge maintained the method of consolidate to have trade off study finally, to enlisting in army the bridge maintains the choice of consolidate to have certain direct sense.

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Bridge is in battalion carry use process, perhaps produce bigger damage consequently formerly as a result of some kind, carrying capacity is reduced; Or, what carry as traffic is increasingly busy, bridge carrying capacity and carrying capacity cannot satisfy a requirement. Solve enlist in army the problem that carrying capacity and carrying capacity are not worth the bridge, normally 2 kinds of plan can offer an alternative: It is to demolish enlist in army new bridge rebuilds after the bridge rebuild law and change enlist in army entirely bridge girder, the law changing bridge of the new bridge with erect load high order and degree, another kind adopts all sorts of consolidate measure namely, or divide outside taking consolidate step, the consolidate law that to enlisting in army at the same time the bridge tries to widen. Former construction take time, arduous, and cost is higher, latter place requires cost a lot of more managing, come to build the 1/10 of new bridge only commonly 3/10[1] . Apparent, the consolidate of bridge and maintenance have very overt real value.

1, enlist in army the characteristic of bridge maintenance consolidate

With build bridge project phase to compare, enlist in army the maintenance consolidate construction of the bridge has many characteristics. Above all, the level that maintains consolidate and the standard that set timing place to use often can have different. Because enlist in army,have the presence of the building, and what prospective use fixed number of year asks is different, the level that bridge consolidate or rebuilt standard use impossibly with the place when the design is identical. For instance, enlist in army the load grade of the bridge is a car suppose - 13 class, and after classics consolidate, its load grade may rise [1] . Reason should fall in the premise that assures safety of drive a vehicle, the basis uses the particular case of requirement and wear requirement, master correctly and raise consolidate or rebuilt relevant specification requirement. Next, the difficulty that maintains consolidate job should be compared when building big. The job that maintains consolidate bridge building must undertake below the condition in not cloggy traffic, accordingly, often can increase many difficulty. Although can make construction produces difficulty, also must take care of traffic as far as possible. For this, in job of bridge maintenance consolidate, answer to take effective measures with construction textural from the design, reduce the effect to traffic as far as possible. Moreover, the maintenance consolidate job of bridge should make full use of original structure. The maintenance consolidate of bridge, on the base that should making assess of careful, careful examination to original structure, reasonable use original structure, can not change of original structure do not change, can make full use of enlist in army of the bridge, want to make full use of.
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